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Collection of Classic Cars, Trucks, & Machinery

At The Beller Museum, we house several collections of classic cars, tools, parts, and information that are assembled together to tell you stories about how vintage vehicles not only served their original owners, but also how they evolved through several "lives." We have an eclectic collection of automobiles that have been restored, preserved, repurposed, or well used on display. And though these vehicles may have entered the final stages of their use or purpose, they are no less interesting or invaluable to learn about for audiences of all ages.

Additionally, we have some farm machinery on display that was created from parts of earlier trucks and cars. Our collection include the following:

Ford Vehicles:


  • AA Doodlebug
  • AA Closed Cab Express
  • A Roadster
  • A Phaeton
  • A Custom Bodied Rawleigh Salesman's Truck
  • A Speedster


  • A Open Cab Pickup (with Only 40,099 Miles)
  • A Open Cab Pickup
  • AA Closed Cab Stake Truck 188-A
  • AA Open Cab Stake Truck 188-A


  • A Sports Coupe Modified into a Pickup
  • A DeLuxe Fordor
  • A Closed Cab Utility Body Phone Truck
  • AA Closed Cab Quaker Tank Fuel Truck
  • AA Closed-Cab, Hand-Crank Dump, Grain-Box Truck
  • AA Closed Cab Jumbo Multi-Wheeler Tandem Axle lumber Bed Truck


  • A Closed Cab, Pickup Steel Top
  • A Postal Mifflinburg Body
  • AA Closed Cab Canopy Express, Railroad Built
  • AA Open Cab Stake Body Truck 189-A
  • AA Open Cab Hydraulic Dump Body Truck 204-B
  • AA Closed Cab Long Wheel Base, Steel Top, Stake Body Truck 186-B
  • AA Closed Cab Tow Truck
  • AA Closed Cab Service Body Tow Truck
  • AA Commercial Cowl W/ Homemade Express Body Truck
  • A DeLuxe Delivery


  • B Phaeton
  • B Roadster 1950s Hot Rod
  • B Roadster Standard
  • B Roadster Deluxe
  • 18 Tudor Standard
  • B Tudor Neglected
  • B Panel Delivery Standard
  • B Closed Cab Pickup
  • B Closed Cab Pickup
  • B Closed Cab Pickup
  • B Closed Cab Pickup
  • B Open Cab Pickup
  • B Open Cab Pickup
  • B Open Cab Pickup
  • B Custom Bodied Canopy Delivery
  • BB Closed Cab Express Body Truck 195-A
  • BB Closed Cab Dump Body
  • BB Closed Cab Platform Body
  • BB Closed Cab Long Wheel Base 186-B Stake Body Truck
  • BB Closed Cab B-82 Chassis with Early Frame and Firewall
  • BB Open Cab Fire Truck
  • 18 BB Closed Cab Long Wheel Base Hydraulic Dump Truck
  • BB School Bus - Wayne Body 5 Window


  • BB Closed Cab Wood Dump Body B-204 Truck
  • BB Closed Cab Heavy Duty Express B-242 Truck


  • Closed Cab Long Wheel Base Extended Chassis Tandem Rear Ends Truck


  • Closed Cab Pickup


  • Coupe 5 Window
  • Phaeton


  • Sedan Delivery


  • F4 12 Ft Stake Body, Hydraulic Dump Truck


  • F-100 Pickup


  • Model 800 Tractor


  • Mustang Convertible

Other Manufacturers:

  • 1939 Diamond T 306 Cab Forward Chassis- Mifflinburg Delivery Body
  • 1943 Mack Pickup Model ED
  • 1950 Chevrolet Carryall
  • 1951 Cadillac 2-Door Hardtop
  • 1957 International Harvester Metropolitan Van 102" Wheel Base
  • 1960 Rolls Royce Standard Saloon


  • Air Compressor (Model A Ford engine)
  • Grain Wagon (Ford Front and rear axles)
  • Portable Welder (Model A Ford engine)
  • Utility Trailer (Ford Model T pickup box)

  • 1932  Toro Lawn Tractor (Model B Ford engine)