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Each month, we shine a light on a notable vehicle or part that changed the automotive industry. Check out The Beller Museum feature of the month below.

Simmons Super Power Head
Antique Car Part

Performance-Increasing Cylinder Heads

During the Model A era and to this day, manufacturers have created and sold accessories for Ford cars and trucks. Many enthusiasts have been interested in items to increase these vehicles' performance. Our museum has a collection of speed equipment that includes intake and exhaust manifolds, distributors, cylinder heads, camshafts, and more. Many of these accessories were available when Model A automobiles were new.

The Simmons Super Power Head was available with a Simmons intake manifold and a Simmons carburetor. Additionally, the Schofield Hess head was one of several heads produced by Schofield with various other partners. We have about four dozen cylinder heads on display. Stop by to take a look for yourself!